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Expert Home Birth Midwife of Midwife & Co. Maggie Wardlaw, CNM Miami, FL Water Birth and Home Birth

Client L.R., Mother of 5

Maggie is amazing! She has been my Midwife for the birth of 2 of my babies who were both born at home. There is no one else in Miami with her qualifications and level of skill offering home birth. She combines her knowledge of modern medicine with traditional midwifery practices to provide a holistic, safe, normal birthing experience for women out of the hospital. She trusts women and their bodies to birth naturally and is there to offer that option to us while being 100% focused on providing compassionate and personalized care. She maintains a confidence, competence and a warmth which my husband and I value and look for.  

Client D.P., Mother of 2

Maggie Wardlaw expertly guided me throughout my pregnancy - from my  first eight week appointment through the birth of my daughter. Maggie had the perfect balance between medical studies, pharmaceuticals, and exam practices with an in-depth understanding of women's bodies and the natural processes at play during pregnancy and childbirth. I wish I could clone her for my sister, who is pregnant but living in another state.

It is clear that Maggie is truly passionate about what she does and cares deeply for her patients. She is an excellent listener, taking the time to understand me and my husband's values and priorities for the pregnancy and birth. She was always willing to respond to inquires at various times of the day and night. After having a challenging delivery with my first child in a foreign country, I wanted to experience a childbirth that allowed my baby to come into the world as naturally as possible. Maggie's calming voice, gentile touch and confidence in me were invaluable throughout labor and the arrival of my baby.

Client E.M., Mother of 2

Thank you for helping us welcome our sweet baby into this world. Thank you for your support and guidance through our prenatal care and delivery. You were so helpful and calming in the delivery room. I had the exact birth I wanted and I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

Client M.N., Mother of 1

A friend recommended that I see Maggie and I quickly knew that she was the midwife that I needed. My family and friends didn't know what midwives were but after they saw her in action they too became her patients. I would never give birth without her. I felt special and I've never experienced that in a traditional office.

Registered Nurse

I have been a labor and delivery nurse for 25 years and I've never seen a more gentile, quiet and peaceful birth of a baby. You are insightful and gifted to be with women. If I was young enough to have another pregnancy or birth in Miami I would come to see you!