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Safety at Midwife & Co.


Is using a Midwife or Doula safe?


Yes, Absolutely! Midwives and Doulas work as experts in caring for you in the safest way possible. We know normal and variations from normal. We know when labor intervention is necessary and unnecessary. We know supporting you in an environment which is best for you is also best for your baby.  We hold space for respecting your needs and advocate for you in professional and courteous ways that allow you your best outcome. We prepare for and practice emergency drills regularly as well as keep up certifications in CPR, ALS, NRP and more than required continuing education.

Value of Midwife & Co.


Is it really worth having a Midwife or Doula?


Yes, Absolutely! Midwives have lower rates of Cesarean Section as compared to their physician colleges.: Research shows repeatedly that continuous labor support from a Doula or Midwife yields shorter labors and lower Cesarean Section Rates. The recovery from Vaginal Birth vs. Cesarean Birth is smoother and faster.

Health Insurance Coverage, Expenses & Financing at Midwife & Co.


Is my health insurance going to pay for this?


Sometimes yes and sometimes no! We have had experiences where health insurances have paid for services completely and experiences where they have not. Although Midwives and Doulas are repeatedly shown to be cost effective sometimes insurance company policies are not reflective of their promise toward cost effectiveness. Our billing expert Melinda Doyle can help figure out the answers to your questions. Please visit her website www.doylebilling.com 


I don't have medical insurance, how can I pay for care?


Folks often want care of a Midwife or Doula from our team but they don't know how to pay for it. We know these services and valuable. We accept payment from family members, checks, credit cards and cash and will develop a payment plan to suit your needs. Please note all payments should be made before 35 weeks. Most babies are born between 37 and 41 weeks. We advise you to arrange for payment by 35 weeks. We limit the number of clients we accept monthly. In order to guarantee service you must pay to reserve your spot on our monthly roster. If you choose to move on to another persons care we will not reimburse you. We may give partial refunds if your care has to be turned over. We do expect that our time will be respected and reimbursed. We reserve the time for you in our schedule! 


What is the cost of care?


Global OB Care is $5,595.00. This is  complete pregnancy care by the Midwife, labor and delivery, newborn care and postpartum care. We also file the birth certificate with the state of Florida.

Childbirth Preparation Classes at Midwife & Co.


Do I need a childbirth or lactation class? 


Yes, Absolutely! Would you get married without planning? No.Would you run a marathon without preparing? No. Since pregnancy, labor and childbirth are one of the most important events of your life you should really prepare for it! Read until you feel informed. Learn until you feel like an expert. Spread the word when you've gained the knowledge!

Midwife & Co. Water Birth


Do you provide water birth services? 


Yes, Absolutely! We love what you love! Water Birth is pretty cool to watch and experience first hand. If it feels right for you then its right for us! We have many, many years of experience with water birth. We do have a tub to share with you. You will have to make a purchase of a special disposable tub liner.

What does prenatal care look like with a Nurse Midwife at Midwife & Co?

Working with Midwife & Co. is personalized and unhurried. We strive to see every patient on time. Our prenatal care adheres to standard timing of visits but we are flexible.

We believe that pregnancy is a normal life process and that your body was made to create, grow, deliver and nourish your baby. We want to help you in this process. It is our responsibility to continuously evaluate your health and the health of your baby. This evaluation is by both you as the mother and by us as the Midwives.

Here is how we work with our clients….

We provide regular prenatal care on a routine basis. Routine prenatal care begins when you find out that you are expecting. For many women this begins at 8-10 weeks but we are always happy to see you before then if you have concerns. The usual schedule for prenatal visits is:

· Initial visit 8-10 weeks 

· Prenatal visit every 4 weeks from 12 weeks through 28 weeks.

· Prenatal visit every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks

· Prenatal visit weekly from 36 weeks until delivery.

· Home visit 35-37 weeks.

· From 40 weeks through 42 weeks we will order special testing to watch the wellness of your baby. Induction of labor can be at 41 weeks but this is a topic for more in depth discussion.

· Postpartum visit 1-3 days after delivery in your home.

· Postpartum visit 2 weeks after birth.

· Postpartum visit 6 weeks after birth.

· Laboratory Studies are as per standard of care and usually conducted at weeks 10, 15-18, 25-28 and 36 weeks.

We refer you for testing that we don’t offer. We do not provide in office ultrasound. We refer to radiology facilities which have radiologists in the office.

Our Certified Nurse Midwives have prescription writing authority.

We are available for questions 24/7 we ask that you try to keep your interactions to normal business hours when it’s a non-urgent situation. We define urgent as labor, preterm labor, bleeding at anytime in pregnancy, contractions, vomiting, diarrhea, leakage of fluid from the vagina (clear, brown, bloody, green, yellow) which could be a sign of preterm or full term labor. If you have questions about your dietary choices, vitamins, exercise routines, birth plans, doulas or anything which is non-urgent we ask that you write down your questions and we will happily discuss it at your visit.

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